About the Course


Gynaepedia Examination Masterclass is an interactive two-day course held at Manchester. The course is very intense and deconstructs the anatomy of MRCOG II. We aim to unravel the mystery behind EMQs as knowing your enemy is the first step towards ultimate  victory. The days are split between Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Hot topics are covered first, followed by important favourites of the College. The emphasis is to do as many Questions that we can through the day to give you practice. More importantly, we modify your approach to the Questions so that you can swiftly tackle them on D-Day. The content is heavily audited to reflect College favourites. There are no theoretical lectures. All topics are discussed in Q&A format. By the end of the course, you will have devised a technique which can translate into a high score for the exam. We aim to equip you with confidence as you face your first Questions on the day of the Exam.

The Masterclass is highly individualised. Quality is imperative which is why we have limited seats. We leave no one behind and the Course aims to get you through the Exam with a high score.

If you are sitting the Exam for the first time and want to have a blueprint to pass the exam in the first go – you need to attend GEM.

If you tried the Exam and failed, and now want a tailored approach to put your preparation back on track – you need to attend GEM.

Here at GEM, we have done the hard work of researching the Exam. With clear, concise concepts covered at the Course, you will feel a palpable difference in your approach to the Exam.